Friday, September 11, 2009

The Cheapest Island for Sale in the World!

Own your own tropical island for US$ 12,500.00!!!
Here is what is likely the cheapest island for sale anywhere in the world right now, less than the price of many cars at just US $12,500. It is a tropical Brazilian island in an area called Salvador Bahia or Bay of Saints, which is along the north coast of the country. Brazil has in the past few years seen some celebrities like Ricky Martin buy islands in a south part called Angra dos Reis, but I think for most investors it’s a very overlooked market.
So what do you get for $12.5K? Isla Amor, meaning Love Island in Portuguese, is just under one acre in size and lies 600 metres away from the coast. It has nothing developed on it as of yet but looks like the perfect place for a small house. The owner is technically giving it away (buyer pays only legal fees) because of bad memories after a divorce. It sounds like a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone who wants a tropical island but not the big price tag!

The World’s Cheapest Island for Sale



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