Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ibiza Beaches

One of the greatest benefits of living on a tiny island like Ibiza, with over 80 beaches to choose from, is that you can select the perfect beach for the moment. Be that a special occasion, putting yourself around, or simply attaining that serene tranquility that you seek...

Then to change your mind, seek an alternative, and discover that wherever you are on Ibiza it is no more than half an hour to your chosen alternative vibe, even if it's on the other side of the island.

Wherever you are on Ibiza there will be some days when the prevailing wind will offer waves - when you planned a day of snorkelling, or a flat calm - the day after you polished your surf board.

Occasionally you wake up and look out to sea to find clouds spoiling your plans for the day on the beach, but linger a while longer and you will suss the direction of the prevailing wind, which creates the clouds by forcing the colder air upwards as it reaches the land mass of the island. It soon becomes easy to work out which beaches will still enjoy sunshine on the windward side whether you fancy waves to play in, or a sheltered cove to enjoy snorkelling with sunlight illuminating the seabed below?

Some days the skies are clear on your local beach, but the incoming wind is creating surf when you really fancied a lazy hour watching clouds vapourise from your lilo? Relax in the knowledge that it's only 30 minutes to that new dream beach you never checked out before - sometimes even less than ten minutes walk?

!!! Enjoy:) !!!

text taken from ibizaholidays



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