Friday, April 25, 2008

TianAnMen Square

Helpful info:
Admission fee: Square free, Tower CNY 60 (Apr -Oct)
Opening hours: All day
Visit time: 30 min.
Bus route: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

As the largest square in any city of the world, Tiananmen Square is located at the centre of Beijing. Each day at dawn and again at dusk guards march in unison to the flagstaff, which is located at the central point of the North side, to raise or lower the national flag.

This daily ritual is spectacular to witness and well worth the effort but you will need to get up early to attend the dawn ceremony to be able to get a good view because of the crowds.
Towering over the centre of the square is the Monument to the People’s Heroes. Built in 1952 and made of granite it is the largest monument in Chinese history. Engraved on the monument is the inscription “The People’s Heroes are Immortal” which was written by chairman Mao.

To the South side of the square is the Mao Zedong Memorial Hall which is divided inside into 3 halls. Inside lies the body of Chairman Mao in its crystal coffin surrounded by fresh flowers and grasses.
To the North you will see Tiananmen (Heavenly Peace Gate) Tower which was built in 1417 and was the ‘front door’ of the Forbidden City. Until 1911 the tower could only be entered by the Royal family and other aristocrats.

Looking to the West you will see the Great Hall of the People, erected in 1959. As the site used for China National People’s Congress meetings. The hall which is divided into 3 parts is fronted by 12 marble posts. Inside are the Central Hall, which is paved with marble, the Great Auditorium which seats 10,000 people and the Banqueting Hall which seats 5,000.

Finally on the East side of the square is the newest marvel, being the China National Museum which is a combination of the History Museum and the Revolutionary Museum of China. Facing the Great Hall of the People the museum houses many items which present the development of today’s China and artefacts and relics which date back throughout China’s magnificent history from as far back as 1,700,000 years ago.

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