Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day

The Columbus Day holiday varies from state to state in America, many people of the country are curious about today being a holiday or not. There are different types of celebrations for the Columbus Day some states declare this day as the Columbus Day holiday and people enjoy a day off from work and students don’t go to schools, on the other hand some of the states of the country don’t recognize this day and everything goes normally and no Columbus Day holiday is celebrated. The very reason for all this is that the exact birth date of Christopher Columbus is not known, according to people it is between the twenty fifth of August and the thirty first of October. We don’t know the exact date of birth of the discoverer of the American continent. In the most parts of the country the jobs that are affiliated with the American government are closed on the 11th of October. The 11th of October has been decided as the Columbus Day and normally this day is declared a holiday, but many organizations and states don’t recognize this day. The stocks will remain open today and if you also work in such a place then you have to go to work today, this shows that the corporate world does not recognize the Columbus Day. The United States is actually not the only one that is going to celebrate the Columbus Day today, many of other countries that include several of the European countries will also celebrate the Columbus Day.

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